Keeneland Breeze

Anyone who has been to Keeneland's spring or fall meet is sure to have partaken in Keeneland's signature cocktail, the Keeneland Breeze, which inspired us to recreate the magical orange cocktail in a candle. The Keeneland Breeze is a sweet, citrusy and light cocktail, and it is served in all the racetrack’s bars and dining rooms. Once your candle is out of wax, remake the cocktail in your julep cup with the official Makers Mark recipe below!

Maker’s Mark bourbon
Orange liqueur
Ginger ale
Fresh orange juice
Orange slice

Fill a highball glass about two third of the way with ice, and pour in one part of Maker’s. Then add a splash of orange liqueur, a dash of fresh orange juice, and top off with ginger ale. Use an orange slice to garnish.

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